Founded in 1939, the Flour Milling Industry Perteghella Srl has been a continuous development so as to achieve now a daily grinding capacity of 270/300 tonnes of wheat and 80/100 tons of corn. In early 2009 the plant milling wheat was rebuilt and strengthened in collaboration with the company Buhler and is now one of the most modern in Italy, ready to meet all current quality of the Italian and foreign markets. At the end of June 2012 has been completed, in addition to the existing, silos for wheat with a capacity of 4200 tons, while the cleanup has been improved and modernized with new machines and sorters in order to optimize the removal of toxins. The grinding plant of corn, completely redone in 2010, is able to produce all types of flour with very low fat contents obtaining in this way a flour to long shelf life. To manage the company a household of ten people who devote themselves full-time to the various business functions, supported by 24 people divided between workers, drivers, clerks, laboratory technicians.

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