Lat Bri Mozzarella di Bufala P.D.O. 150 gr


The buffalo mozzarella PDO (Protected designation of origin) is one of the most popular cheese produced in Italy. It has a traditional production process using only buffalo milk coming from typical areas of production. The buffalo mozzarella Lat Bri is characterized by its white color, smooth and elastic texture and a strong typical taste. In size of 150g the product is suitable for direct consumption or by adding a dash of extra virgin olive oil. It is advisable to consume the product not too cold; it must be pulled out of the refrigerator about 1 hour before serving. Ingredients: buffalo milk, whey, salt, rennet.

Producer Granarolo
Code CHE0071
Unit per box 8
Size 0,15 Kg
Stock Temp +2°C / +6°C