Le 5 Stagioni Durum wheat flour 2.5 kg

Le 5 Stagioni

Semolina, characterized by the typical yellow color and fine grain (thinner than the durum wheat semolina) recommended for the preparation of bread wheat. In many regions of Southern Italy, in fact, historically devoted to the cultivation of wheat, bread dough is used alone or in addition to wheat flour, durum wheat semolina. The dough absorbs water more quickly and is easier to apply and lavorarare. The result is a fragrant and tasty bread crumb with a more yellow and with a thicker crust and dark and that stays soft for several days. And 'recommended alone or mixed with flour "00" Divella for cakes, pizza, fresh pasta and fresh egg pasta dough obtained by manually or with machines to make bread and pasta. Also good to give it more flavor and to get more savory or fried golden and crisp.

Producer Le 5 Stagioni
Code FLOAG004
Unit per box 4
Size 2.5 kg
Stock Temp Dry & Cool