De Cecco Maccheroni alla Chitarra

De Cecco

Originally from Abruzzo, the macaroni corresponds to a long format with square section, with a thickness ranging from 1.57 to 1.70 mm. This type of pasta used to be cut with a special tool called "chitarra" (guitar), consisting of a wooden loom with taut thin iron threads. The pasta, (the thickness of which was equal to the space between one thread and the other) was placed on the threads and cut into bits by pressing a special rolling pin. The most typical sauce for this pasta is lamb ragù. In some areas of the Abruzzo region the traditional sauce for Maccheroni alla Chitarra is a tomato sauce thickened with 1 cm diameter veal meat balls, so called "pallottelle". Maccheroni alla Chitarra are also exquisite with meat gravies, with tomato and aubergine or meat and Cayenne pepper sauces.

Producer De Cecco
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