Seafood salad


The raw materials are frozen separately to guarantee the best standard. The cutting technology is set to guarantee “prime pieces” so all the ingredients are part of a unique taste. Mussels, prawns, squids, octopus and cuttlefish are cooked separately, mixed and marinated thanks to “Freschissima” recipe which allows to control and minimize the sourness and to exalt the freshness and the natural taste of high quality raw material.Ingredients: Mix of molluscs and crustaceans 63% (squid, cuttlefish, octopus, mussels and prawns), sunflower seed oil, wine vinegar, salt, parsley, natural flavourings. Taste enhancer: monosodium glutamate. Acidity enhancer: citric acid. Preservative: E202. Anti-oxidant: E300.

Producer Medusa
Code SEA0012
Unit per box 4
Size 0,55 Kg
Stock Temp +2°C / +6°C