Berta Casalotto
25 years old Brandy

Italy - Berta Distillerie

TASTING NOTES: Colour: Amber. - Olfactory sensation: Comes immediately at your nose the accuracy and the balance of different grapes. Very charming and easy drinking although very complex. - Taste sensation: Dry, pleasant and long tasting. Ideal after a “Piemontese” dinner. TECHNICAL NOTES: Distillation system: Discontinuous with steam-draught copper pots.  - Wooden casks used: Various. - Wood toasting :Various.

Producer Italy - Berta Distillerie
Code LIQ0101
Region Piedmond
Type Brandy
Classification 25 years old Brandy
Variental Selected wine from the best cellars
Production area Piedmond
Alcohol 45,00%
Volume 700ml