Antinoo "Lazio Bianco"

TASTING NOTES: This golden-yellow wine presents a complex nose of broom, honeysuckle and chamomile, underpinned by shades of hazelnut and vanilla. Elegant and tangy on the palate, the toasty notes return in a long finish. TECHNICAL NOTES: Taking great care not to break the skins, the freshly gathered grapes are transported to the winery where each variety is soft-pressed separately. The resulting musts are cooled to 12-13°C to allow the sediments to settle naturally – a process which removes haziness without compromising the structure of the finished wine. When the temperature in the tanks reaches around 18°C, each variety is transferred separately to 500 litre acacia wood barrels, or ‘tonneaux’ for fermentation. A small proportion of the Chardonnay must ferments in small, non-charred oak barrels. Over the next months, from mid-September to the end of March the lees are stirred periodically (the process of ‘bâtonnage’) to prevent them from settling at the bottom of the barrel. Finally Antinoo is allowed to develop its full flavour in the bottle for 6-12 months.

Code WW0085
Region Lazio
Type White
Classification IGT
Variental Viognier - Chardonnay
Vintage 2012
Production area Agro Pontino valley.
Alcohol 13.50%
Volume 750ml