Petit Verdot Lazio

TASTING NOTE: This deep crimson wine displays an intense, lingering aroma of red berry fruit, cherry, myrtle and juniper. Elegant and full-bodied, with rich velvety tannins, the wine presents a spicy, white peppery finish. TECHNICAL NOTES: During vinification both the ‘submerged cap’ technique and that of ‘punching down’ are adopted; the first is aimed principally at extracting the grape’s softer tannins, the second, its strong colour. Submerged cap fermentation extends over 15 days at a temperature which ranges from 26-28°C. This is followed by ‘délestage’ (rack and return) to further soften the tannins and stabilize the colour. After the new wine has been racked, a part of it undergoes malolactic fermentation in stainless steel, another part in wood. Once blended, the new wine spends from 8-12 months ‘in barrique’ and a further 6 in the bottle before leaving the winery.

Code WRD0185
Region Lazio
Type Red
Classification IGT
Variental 100% Petit Verdot
Vintage 2014
Production area Agro Pontino valley.
Alcohol 13.00%
Volume 750ml