Alexander Grappa Prosecco
Prosecco Grappa

Italy - Distilleria Alexander

TASTING NOTES: Soft and slightly peppery Persistent flavour of fresh fruits. TECHNICAL NOTES: The name Prosecco calls to mind the famous wine, expression of happiness and poetry. The aromatic marc obtained from the typical yellow-green grapes of the vine Glera is distilled following Sandro Bottega's method when it is still fresh and vinous. The resulting grappa is then refined inside stainless steel containers for 3 to 6 months, in order to allow the different aromas to blend.

Producer Italy - Distilleria Alexander
Code LIQ0047
Region Veneto
Classification Prosecco Grappa
Variental Glera
Vintage N.v.
Production area Province of Treviso
Alcohol 38,00%
Volume 700ml