Alexander Grappa Platinum
Amarone Grappa

Distilleria Alexander

TASTING NOTES: Mild, dry, and persistent Pleasantly bitter with a raisin scent. TECHNICAL NOTES: Amarone is the robust and excellent wine of Valpolicella that is aged in oak barrels for over 4 years. It is long-lived and characterised by its significant structure and the raisin scent. The grappa exactly features the main characteristics of the wine. The distillation is performed in steam alembics and it is followed by some months of refining in stainless-steel tanks.

Producer Distilleria Alexander
Code LIQ0085
Region Veneto
Classification Amarone Grappa
Variental Corvina - Rondinella - Molinara
Vintage N.v.
Production area Valpolicella
Alcohol 48,00%
Volume 500ml