Bottega Pistachio Cream Grappa
Cream liquor

Distilleria Bottega

TASTING NOTES:  Made from pistachios grown on the foothills of Mount Etna, a volcano on Sicily, this delicious lactose-free liqueur is pleasantly sweet with an intense aroma of pistachio combined with a little almond. Pistachios are crushed into a paste then mixed with Grappa, water and sugar to create a “round, velvety liqueur with an intense inebriating aroma of Sicilian pistachios”. 

Producer Distilleria Bottega
Code LIQBO003
Region Veneto
Type Grappa
Classification Cream liquor
Variental Pistachio
Vintage N.V.
Production area Veneto e Sicily
Alcohol 17.00%
Volume 500ml