Marsala Superiore Secco

Italy - Frazitta

TATSING NOTES: It is an excellent appetizer when served chilled, and it matches perfectly with desserts and some sorts of cheeses.  TECHNICAL NOTES: The fermentation of Marsala is halted by the addition of a grape brandy when the residual sugar content reaches the pre-determined levels according to the sweet/dry style the maker is shooting for. Similar to the solera system of blending various vintages of Sherry, Marsala often goes through a perpetuum system, where a series of vintage blending takes place. Superiore, refers to a Marsala wine that has spent up to three years in oak, but has a baseline minimum of two years in wood.

Producer Italy - Frazitta
Code LIQ0017 2.0 L - LIQ0026 1.0 L
Region Sicily
Type Red
Classification D.O.C.
Variental Pignatello - Calabrese - Nerello Mascalese - Nero d’Avola.
Vintage n.v.
Production area Marsala
Alcohol 18,00%
Volume 1.0 L - 2.0 L