San Marzano Borschi

TASTING NOTES: The nosing passes find scents of rubber inner tube, burning paper, window cleaner, vinegar, asphalt and moss. Entry is delectably bittersweet, coffee bean-like, tar-like, even a touch cocoa-like; the moderately sweet midpalate stage highlights cigar tobacco, cigar wrapper, prunes, figs and black raisins. Finishes pleasantly bittersweet, pruny/fruity and plump. TECHNICAL NOTES: Elisir San Marzano Italian liqueur is considered the flagship brand of Borsci. The recipe is based upon "mysterious monastery spices." These traditional recipes were taken by Giuseppe Borsci in 1840 to create the liqueur. The name is taken from the Apulian town where the company was founded. They suggest serving straight as an after-dinner aperitif or mixed with coffee. 

Code LIQ0079
Region Apulia
Type Aperitif/Liquor
Classification Aperitif/Liquor
Variental Herbs and aromatic compounds
Production area Apulia
Alcohol 34,00%
Volume 1.00L

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