Orvieto Classico


TASTING NOTES: The wine’s elegant aromas of ripe fruit introduce a well-structured, refreshing and beautifully balanced wine. TECHNICAL NOTES: Musts of different grape varieties, harvested separately are chilled and separated for static purification of solid particles in suspension and then fermented at controlled temperature in steel air-conditioned tanks. After wine decanting, at the point of alcoholic fermentation, this wine is conserved in cement tubs until it si to be bottled.

Producer Salviano
Code WW0049
Region Umbria
Type White
Classification D.O.C.
Variental 30% Trebbiano toscano (Procanico) - 30% Grechetto - 40%Chardonnay e Sauvignon Blanc.
Vintage 2017
Production area Corbara lake
Alcohol 13,50%
Volume 750ml

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