France - Chateau La Tour de Mons

With its history stretching back for several centuries, Château La Tour de Mons is a single block vineyard, surrounded by a wall and located in the northern part of the Margaux appellation near the banks of the Garonne, as are all the very best Médoc Crus. The origins of the château date back to the 13th century and many generations have been involved. Amongst its illustrious owners was Pierre de Mons, who acquired the property in 1623 and gave it his name. The estate belonged to his lineage until the end of the 20th century. Since the 1990’s, a major renovation programme have been implemented by the new owners: construction of a new winery and an air-conditioned storage cellar, major drainage programme and management of the vineyard in the interests of sustainable ecological practices. CA Grands Crus has managed the estate since the beginning of 2012. Everything is done to produce a classic wine, elegant and pure and fully respectful of this great terroir of Margaux.

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