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The Giori Trentini and Spirits' was founded in 1946 by Ferruccio Giori. From an initial size artisan passion, determination and professionalism of the founder, always flanked by his wife Oretta have consolidated the foundations for a future, rewarding and constantly growing. In the early 70s, with the entry into business of the two sons Morena and Mauro, the horizons have expanded, on the one hand, consolidating the core business, the other going from a local to an international one, still in the groove those values ​​that have inspired origin: passion, authenticity ', creativity and professionalism. In the 90s the company has received another major boost: the entry of the grandchildren Marella, and Alessandro Ruffo has brought new blood, new ideas, new enthusiasm, combining traditional values ​​to new heights in the global market. at this time, therefore, the company has assets within three generations.

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