Amaro Montenegro
Digestive Amaro

TASTING NOTES: Palate entry is sweet at first then it quickly turns mildly bitter and botanical; by midpalate, there's a slight sweetness of tangerine/mandarin peel. TECHNICAL NOTES: To this day Amaro Montenegro is prepared according to the traditional recipe, which has been secretly guarded for over a century. Ingredients undergo a meticulous selection process with only the rarest and most prized herbs composing the original recipe, giving Amaro Montenegro its distinctive taste. The production process has always stood out for an emphasis on quality, with constant improvements made while honouring the tradition.

Code LIQ0095
Region Emilia Romagna
Type Liquor
Classification Digestive Amaro
Variental Herbs and spices.
Production area Bologna
Alcohol 25,00%
Volume 700ml

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