Amaro Ramazzotti
Digestive Amaro

TASTING NOTES: The balance between bitter and sweet in this aromatic amaro feels almost seamless, while the snappy flavor of fresh ginger lingers on the finish. TECHNICAL NOTES: Today, Ramazzotti is still produced with the same ingredients and the same technique used by its inventor over 180 years ago. Made with 33 medicinal herbs and plant roots which give it a characteristic bouquet, Ramazzotti is a sweet and strong liqueur, with an unmistakable orange flavor. It is not only a digestive but also a tonic and refreshing drink.

Code LIQ0081
Region Lombardy
Type Liquor
Classification Digestive Amaro
Variental Herbs and spices including gentian root, rhubarb, cinnamon and the peel from Sicilian oranges.
Production area Milan
Alcohol 30,00%
Volume 700ml

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