Georges Vigouroux

The house Georges Vigouroux was founded in 1887 in the Lot region in order to distribute wines from the Southwest of France and get them known. Four generations later, it is a pioneer regarding Cahors wines which specialized in French Malbec. In Quercy, everything that is precious is black – starting with the local wine, which was called “the black wine of Cahors” by the English in the Middle Ages. For four generations, this “vin noir” has flowed through the veins of the Vigouroux family. It has been the object of every effort in these historic Cahors vineyards. In love with the native Malbec grape variety – its history, its aromatics, and its deep black color – the family has made it their theme from generation to generation, since 1887.


Pigmentum is a Latin word which means "something that colors" and is the origin of the French "pigment" name, the essence of color. Red saffron, red amethyst, rose nacarat white olive, white copper: the Pigmentum range comes in five fruity wines, gourmet and accessible throughout the term of the Southwest.