The Southwest wine region  of France or Sud-Ouest, is an assortment of wine areas inland or south of Bordeaux While some wineries produce primarily red wines with a similar style of red Bordeaux,yet other wineries produce dr areas  upstream og Garonne, like Cahors; areas in Gascony, like Armagnac, Madiran, Côtes de Gascogne, Côtes de Saint-Mont, Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh and Tursan; Béarn, such as Jurançon; and Basque Country areas, like Irouléguy The Southwest Region of France also includes smaller production areas situated outside these major regions, which are classified as VDQS wines South West France really means all the wine regions in the south-western quarter of the country with the major exception of the most important one, Bordeaux, and the Cognac region to the immediate north of it, which enjoy separate status.

This ragbag of a collection can be roughly divided into those which are effectively continuations of Bordeaux, its vine varieties and its wine styles upriver of the Bordeaux region itself, and those further south and east which have their own distinctive identity All of them, however, are influenced by the Atlantic rather than the Mediterranean, and tend to have the same sort of build (light- to medium-bodied) as bordeaux.