De Cecco Egg Cannelloni

De Cecco

According to an old method De Cecco egg pasta is made with real fresh eggs (collected about 3 days after having been laid), free from colouring synthetic agents, shelled, pasteurised, cooled at 2-3° C and then kneaded according to a special method, which makes the thinnest pastry possible (0,98-1,18 mm), just like home-made pasta. The quality of the wheat and the semolina is the same chosen for the other pasta. The quality of fresh and natural eggs is implicite and guaranteed by De Cecco. Cannelloni belong to the big, straight-cut, smooth pasta format. They have a remarkable dimension: they reach about 23 mm. diameter and 100 mm length, with a width between 0,9 and 1 mm. Their provenance is not certain.The origin of Cannelloni is very old: it is among the first pasta formats to have been created from the flour, salt and water dough. Both gnocchi and Cannelloni are rolled strips of pasta, different in measure, shaped into perfect cilinders and filled with different stuffings.Thanks to their big shape, Cannelloni prove to be perfect for rich meat,vegetable and ricotta sauces. The most typical recipes for Cannelloni are the oven specialities with taisty fillings and covered with a light layer of bechamel and tomato sauce.

Producer De Cecco
Code PAD0026
Unit per box 12
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