Le 5 Stagioni

The history of the Agugiaro and Figna families is tightly interwoven with that of the art of milling from the eighteenth century to today, the period, that is, which saw the definitive industrialisation of mills and standardisation in flour production. The Agugiaro & Figna Group, founded in 2003 with the fusion of these two historic flour milling families, was the first Italian mill to devote itself in the 1980s to the world of the pizza with both flour and semi-processed products. Agugiaro & Figna Molini now has three plants in the Padua, Parma and Perugia areas each specialising in a specific product. The Agugiaro & Figna Group is also the only mill in Italy to make a dried mother yeast powder - Naturkraft - which is produced in a special plant. Le 5 Stagioni range is manufactured in our Curtatolo factory near Padua.

Le 5 Stagioni Product's