Frantoio Portofino is the fruit of the ancient passion of a family, the Santagatas, for extra virgin olive oil. Since 1907, a success consolidated year after year, from generation to generation, thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and the thorough and constant search for the best qualities. Today the fifth generation, represented by Cristina and Federico Santagata, has acquired and developed the art of tasting, a knowledge which was passed on from father to child. With the same rigour in the selection of raw materials and a philosophy aspiring to quality, the new generations have embraced innovative methods of research and production in the full respect of tradition, giving birth to Frantoio Portofino. A collection of products based on extra virgin olive oil, created to satisfy the most demanding palates. Simple ingredients, prepared with the passion and love for authentic flavours. From the typical trattorias in Liguria to the best restaurants worldwide, Frantoio Portofino has soon played its role as enhancer of the culinary pleasures. Transforming every tasting into an experience of excellence, to share and remember. 

Portofino Product's