Auricchio Provolone intero 800 gr


Auricchio Provoloneis exclusively made with whole cow’s milk that comes from the farms near the production unit of Pieve San Giacomo (CR): specifically, from the provinces of Cremona, Brescia, Mantua and Lodi. The milk is heated to a temperature of 37°C., and then Auricchio’s special rennet is added. Expert dairy workers break the curd into small pieces and cook it at a temperature that never exceeds 45°C. The curd, separated from the whey, is left to sit on “spersori” tables for several hours to eliminate all remaining traces of the liquid. Afterwards, the delicate pasta filata process begins in which the curd is broken up, pulled and stretched by hand in hot water at a temperature of approximately 70° C. Expert artisans carefully shape each cheese form and make sure that the curd has no holes or folds, which can trap air bubbles that would compromise its preservation.  Once the cheese has been dunked in icewater to “block” its shape, it is placed in brine vats (a solution of water and salt), where it can sit for a few hours (the smaller varieties) or even up to twenty days (for large 50 or 100 kg cheeses). The cheese is then tiedwith twine and left hanging to age in special warehouses where the temperature, humidity and air circulation are all controlled by ultra-modern equipment.

Producer Auricchio
Code CHE0050
Unit per box 6
Size ± 800 gr
Region Lombardia
Stock Temp +2°/+6°C