De Cecco Paccheri

De Cecco

Although the origin of Paccheri is disputed between the Southern regions of Calabria and Campania their provenance cannot be traced with certainty to either. They belong to the short ribbed straight cut pasta family. They have a 28 mm diameter, they are 46 mm long and their thickness can vary from 1,18 and 1,26 mm.Paccheri are recommended in the making of dried pasta dishes with thick chunky meat ragùs, such as the Neapolitan ragù, which can easily penetrate and cling into the pasta making it even more dainty.Alternatively they are also excellent in casseroles baked with cheeses and tomato sauce.  Cooking time 12 mn

Producer De Cecco
Code PAD0022
Unit per box 12
Size 0,5 Kg
Stock Temp dry & cool